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Wendy K Laidlaw, Author & Founder of Heal Endometriosis Naturally Without Painkillers, Drugs or Surgery 

Heal Endometriosis Naturally was founded by Wendy K Laidlaw in 2015 after successfully putting her endometriosis into remission through a variety of natural methods and development of the "Laidlaw Protocols". The road hasn’t been easy. Wendy had Endometriosis for 33 years before ending up bed bound for 3 years due to the chronic debilitating pain.

After exhausting all of the conventional medical routes, consisting of numerous surgeries, drugs and painkillers, she woke one morning, sick of feeling a bystander of life and alone in the world but determined to ‘find another way’. 

Heal Endometriosis Naturally chronicles her journey but ALSO is a Step by Step System guide outlining the 3 secrets and 12 steps of reducing and eliminating the chronic pelvic pain of Endometriosis. And becoming a Boss of Endometriosis; and EndoBoss!

Endometriosis is an invisible disease yet debilitating condition that can have a huge impact on your daily life.  It can leave you feeling isolated, alone, exhausted and overwhelmed.  Are you feeling sick and tired of being ‘sick and tired’, the bloating, cramps, painful sex, heavy flow, irregular cycles?  Do you feel worn down by some doctors not listening or taking you seriously? Well, if you want to break free of the endless pain cycles then Heal Endometriosis Naturally with Wendy K Laidlaw can help you.

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Sep 25, 2023

We are delighted to introduce you to the delightful Cristine, coming from the beautiful country of Denmark in Europe.

Over the span of three decades, starting as young as 14, Cristine grappled with the relentless ebb and flow of menstrual agony for almost 30 years.

In her quest for relief, Cristine found herself at the mercy of the medical field, with limited options: pills or pregnancy. However, due to the presence of two 10cm cysts, she eventually felt pressure to undergo surgery and also became a mother of two. But, to her dismay, her symptoms returned with vengeance, turning her monthly cycles into an unbearable ordeal.

Desperation and determination led her to explore alternatives. Against the backdrop of medical pressure to embrace hormone replacement therapy, and alarming irresponsible scaremongering about the risk of cancer as she got older, Cristine found herself in a state of fear and anxiety, struggling to trust her own body.

Cristine's healing naturally journey began when an act of online searching brought her to Wendy's transformative book called "How I Ended My Endometriosis Naturally Without Painkillers, Drugs, or Surgery" a few years back. This book became her guiding light, helping her navigate the turbulent waters of chronic, excruciatingly painful periods and sizeable cysts. 

A pivotal question emerged for her: "Are you worthy of being pain-free and having a good life?" 

The answer, of course, was YES and the answer to this question came through her daily practise of morning journalling. It paved the way for Cristine to rediscover her sense of self, an equilibrium, and a way of escaping the confines of a rule-bound existence placed upon herself.

Over the course of several years, Cristine revisited this book for inspiration. While her journey had its share of ups, down and bumps along the way, she gradually recognized her own power to heal and her intrinsic worth in the world.

A lifelong pattern of overextending herself and prioritising others over her own needs began to shift without shame or guilt. 

The narrative she had internalised, which was one that demanded her to be perfect to receive love, gave way to a new perspective. Cristine now declares, "It's been like a QUEST, and I'm okay, and my body is completely capable of healing itself!"

From fear and resentment towards her body, she has transitioned to an appreciation of its incredible capabilities for self healing, naturally. She has learned to trust herself and her intuition, transcending pain to embrace a life FREE from endometriosis’s grip.

Cristine recognised that the ovaries symbolise creativity, the source of creation and life within oneself—an area that she embarked on improving her awareness on.

Cristine's journey offers valuable insights into rediscovering oneself, believing in one's worth, and finding a voice in this world. 

It's been a journey inward and heading ‘back home to oneself’—a path from living in fear, in denial and where self-neglect prevailed, to a place of self-love, acceptance and balance.

This transformation included reading Wendy's book many times, addressing The 5 P’s (Poisons; Produce, Products, Property, People & Past), incorporating journalling every morning, a daily meditation practise, and working on her closest relationships.

Her truly inspiring story serves as a reminder to us all about the importance of balancing what is going on inside our head and body, letting go of the need for external validation, and finding peace within.

Cristine now has short, light, ‘non-event’, pain-FREE period every month and no resurfacing of cysts. But the biggest joy in her journey is her connectedness, compassion and acceptance of herself, as she is able to finally live her life FREE from shame, guilt and emotional and physical pain.

Now, it's your turn to start on your own EndoBoss® journey of healing and self-discovery. 

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