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Wendy K Laidlaw, Author & Founder of Heal Endometriosis Naturally Without Painkillers, Drugs or Surgery 

Heal Endometriosis Naturally was founded by Wendy K Laidlaw in 2015 after successfully putting her endometriosis into remission through a variety of natural methods and development of the "Laidlaw Protocols". The road hasn’t been easy. Wendy had Endometriosis for 33 years before ending up bed bound for 3 years due to the chronic debilitating pain.

After exhausting all of the conventional medical routes, consisting of numerous surgeries, drugs and painkillers, she woke one morning, sick of feeling a bystander of life and alone in the world but determined to ‘find another way’. 

Heal Endometriosis Naturally chronicles her journey but ALSO is a Step by Step System guide outlining the 3 secrets and 12 steps of reducing and eliminating the chronic pelvic pain of Endometriosis. And becoming a Boss of Endometriosis; and EndoBoss!

Endometriosis is an invisible disease yet debilitating condition that can have a huge impact on your daily life.  It can leave you feeling isolated, alone, exhausted and overwhelmed.  Are you feeling sick and tired of being ‘sick and tired’, the bloating, cramps, painful sex, heavy flow, irregular cycles?  Do you feel worn down by some doctors not listening or taking you seriously? Well, if you want to break free of the endless pain cycles then Heal Endometriosis Naturally with Wendy K Laidlaw can help you.

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Oct 26, 2023

In this week's podcast I want to address a pressing issue. I recently spoke to a woman who was told by her gynaecologist that she needed a complete hysterectomy, a procedure involving the removal of her uterus and potentially ovaries. What deeply troubles me is the misinformation women receive about hysterectomies.

My own mother had a hysterectomy, and she was devastated by the outcome. She was led to believe it would be a cure-all, but it wasn't. She faced complications and even developed more endometriosis symptoms after the procedure. Many women reach out to us, seeking information, after they are often given frightening and misleading advice from others.

Your uterus and ovaries are crucial organs throughout your life, beyond just reproduction. They play a major role in hormone production and preventing conditions like osteoporosis. Yet, some doctors rush to recommend their removal without considering the long-term consequences or other natural options.

Some women are told they can keep their ovaries while removing the uterus, but this can lead to blood supply issues to the ovaries, causing them to atrophy and necessitating another surgery. Even worse, some are falsely told that not having a hysterectomy will lead to cancer, a dangerous and highly irresponsible claim.

Historically, women have been conditioned to stay silent and not question authority figures, especially in medical settings. It's crucial to understand that you have the right to take your time and make fully informed decisions about your health. These decisions are irreversible, so make sure to gather as much information as possible.

Dr. Stanley West, author of "The Hysterectomy Hoax," states that about 90% of hysterectomies are unnecessary. Surgery can often do more harm than good, posing needless risks. Surgeons too often rely on hysterectomies as a 'one-size-fits-all solution' to various conditions, from PMS to fibroids.

Even Dr. Sarah Myhill, renowned in the UK, has achieved remission in terminally ill cancer patients, demonstrating that alternatives and natural protocols exist.

I do what I do because I remember the fear and devastation I felt when pressured to have a hysterectomy (which I refused). I was scared to question doctors and felt trapped between a rock and a hard place. It's vital to empower yourself with knowledge before making any critical decisions.

I believe that most women can achieve remission by following the guidance in my book, online programs and other resources as I have done, along with hundreds of other EndoBosses.

Seek safe and expert support, but don't be swayed or react by fear. Reflect on how you cannot reinstate your precious organs once they have been removed. 

Surgery is invasive and comes with risks, so take the natural route, even though it may take time, it comes with ZERO side effects and great life long gains. It's a real opportunity for those who are ready for change and self-discovery.

Remember, you are in charge of your health and you know your body better than anyone.

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