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Wendy K Laidlaw, Author & Founder of Heal Endometriosis Naturally Without Painkillers, Drugs or Surgery 

Heal Endometriosis Naturally was founded by Wendy K Laidlaw in 2015 after successfully putting her endometriosis into remission through a variety of natural methods and development of the "Laidlaw Protocols". The road hasn’t been easy. Wendy had Endometriosis for 33 years before ending up bed bound for 3 years due to the chronic debilitating pain.

After exhausting all of the conventional medical routes, consisting of numerous surgeries, drugs and painkillers, she woke one morning, sick of feeling a bystander of life and alone in the world but determined to ‘find another way’. 

Heal Endometriosis Naturally chronicles her journey but ALSO is a Step by Step System guide outlining the 3 secrets and 12 steps of reducing and eliminating the chronic pelvic pain of Endometriosis. And becoming a Boss of Endometriosis; and EndoBoss!

Endometriosis is an invisible disease yet debilitating condition that can have a huge impact on your daily life.  It can leave you feeling isolated, alone, exhausted and overwhelmed.  Are you feeling sick and tired of being ‘sick and tired’, the bloating, cramps, painful sex, heavy flow, irregular cycles?  Do you feel worn down by some doctors not listening or taking you seriously? Well, if you want to break free of the endless pain cycles then Heal Endometriosis Naturally with Wendy K Laidlaw can help you.

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Feb 14, 2019

**ANOTHER Success Story with Heal Endometriosis Naturally and Wendy K Laidlaw **

Julie had suffered from Endometriosis for over 20 years and had been bedridden with debilitating pain and IUD side effects for almost 18 months.

She reached out to me after watching the FREE Web Class Webinar and joined the life changing online 12 Week Foundation Program where she continued onto the 10 Week Advanced Program.

Now, only 7 months after starting to work with me, and following the 'Laidlaw Protocol's, Julie is pain-FREE from Endometriosis; and has a 3 day, light, and event-FREE, period.

This was something she only dreamed about before.

Julie also had the added benefits of weight loss, improved skin condition, thicker hair, stronger nails, greater value of self, more confidence and a 'spring clean' of poisonous playmates and toxic people.

Julie is now a BOSS of her Endometriosis - what our growing community of women refer to as "An EndoBoss"!

It is always a JOY to share some of the many success stories that occur when women with Endometriosis chose to take a leap of faith and work with me.

If YOU are curious about where to start on your OWN journey consider joining the next 21 Day Challenge Unstoppable EndoBoss which starts in March - and get a FREE paperback book Heal Endometriosis Naturally Without Painkillers, Drugs or Surgery worth £14.99.

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